About InsideOut Fuel

Our Story

Our story began in 1997 when our passion for strength and conditioning, nutrition, and athletics drove us to pioneer the first ever liquid multivitamin. From there it grew to other vitamin products. We believed there had to be a better way for the athlete to get the full nutrients from their supplements in order to achieve peak performance and recovery. From that point we set out to continually innovate to bring the highest quality of vitamins and minerals utilizing the most effective delivery systems to promote use and full efficacy.

We have now pioneered the first ever all natural, preservative free liquid nutritional supplements. We manufacture it using bag-in-box packaging technology commonly used for wine. This technology allows zero oxygen into the product, preserving the full efficacy and strength of the nutrients while providing an easy dispensing system. Our proprietary manufacturing processes are unique in the industry, delivering the fullest activity and freshness of the products in their finished form.

The current formulation of the liquid Multivitamin and B12 & D3 were first developed in 1997. The key to the products efficacy was to deliver a highly bioavailable product form delivering essential nutrients in low volumes. The current version of our product is developed to provide all the benefits of the original formulas in a revolutionary nitrogen infused manufacturing process that delivers a stable product without chemicals or preservatives.

Our Community

Supporting Our Team and the Community: From the beginning we realized that we weren’t out just to make a profit. InsideOut is a brand dedicated to positive holistic effects on athletes and individuals from a nutritional and spiritual standpoint, while making a difference through our community and charitable work. As an organization, we’re committed to giving back and believe one of our most important roles is to support the community. We do this by donating 10% from all sales to churches, schools, and national charitable organizations who share our philosophy. With every purchase, we are not only providing the cleanest, most effective supplements to athletes, but we are directly impacting the less fortunate.


How many servings are in the 18L product?

609 Servings for the Multivitamin and 1218 servings for the B12 & D3.

Do these come in different sizes?

Currently a 1.5L sample size, but future size variables will be available.

Can I buy the product as a public consumer?

We are currently not offering this outside of colleges, universities and professional sports teams.

What is a full day serving?

One ounce (30ML) for the Multi and ½ ounce (15ML) for the B12 & D3.

How can I sample the product?

Request a sample at [email protected]

Is your company FDA compliant?

Yes, the facility Reg#17577424588.

Is your company cGMP compliant?

Yes per 21 CFR#111.

What certifications do you have?

Federal FDA.

Why is liquid vitamin the best?

Because of the absorption and availability.

Where are your products made?

They are 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA.